Caseificio Di Pasquo

From the Dairy to Italian Tables: Strategies for a Successful e-Commerce for B2B & B2C

Founded in 1956, Caseificio Di Pasquo has benefited from the decisive contribution and constant support of strong women. Thanks to their commitment, the simple dairy has been transformed into an excellence in the dairy production of upper Molise. With over 2500 customers in Italy and abroad and the processing of 25 thousand liters of Italian milk per day, our dairy supplies dairy specialties to a wide range of recipients, including end consumers, restaurants, pizzerias, bistros, traders and large brands of large-scale retail trade both nationally and internationally. The history of the company is the story of a family whose bond and incessant commitment have led the Di Pasquo – Agnone brand to become one of the symbols of the dairy tradition in Italy and in the world.

The key to success is a quick and easy food ordering and purchasing process.

The Challenge

The Di Pasquo dairy aimed to expand nationally and strengthen its local presence, but faced several challenges. These included limited domestic and international market penetration, poor brand awareness, and logistical challenges related to managing day-to-day operations, such as orders, deliveries, and customer communications. To understand the needs of the business and the target audience, the Design Thinking methodology was adopted, which promotes the participation of high-level corporate figures in every phase of the product development cycle.

The Strategy

The strategy centers on expanding nationally to boost sales, strengthening brand image for identity consolidation, and enhancing purchasing and customer engagement. The app promotes products in new markets, communicates company values, and fosters customer engagement through immersive digital experiences and loyalty programs.
Extensive market research was conducted to grasp the needs and behaviors of retailers and consumers, particularly those closely associated with the company.

Retailers’ goal was to improve financial and accounting management, optimize warehouse operations and secure exclusive rewards and promotions based on brand trust to drive sales and foster long-term partnerships.

Consumers’ goal was to have an intuitive user interface for easy catalog browsering, transparency into product details, and access to exclusive promotions and discounts, fostering a sense of value and loyalty.

The Solution

Together with Caseificio Di Pasquo, we’ve developed an app to tackle challenges and seize growth opportunities in the dairy industry. We immediately understood that we needed an app with two different accesses: for retailers (B2B) and for end consumers (B2C), both with a complete product catalog and a loyalty system based on gamification.

Different catalog and purchasing flow were designed for the two types of targets B2B and B2C. Retailers demand bulk orders and a quick, streamlined purchasing process to ensure efficiency, while consumers seek user-friendly interfaces and detailed product information for informed choices


The existing digital brand assets, initially faced issues with accessibility, colors and typography choices. The color palette, leaning towards pink tones, conveyed an inappropriate message for a dairy product site. Neuroscience confirms that color perception influences taste and appetite.


A new color palette was developed to better represent the brand and evoke positive associations, resulting in a more suitable and engaging user experience.


In the B2C checkout, a progress bar guides users, while a separate checkout flow allows for gift options selection and packaging details.


Payment arrangements such as monthly invoicing streamline the purchasing process, allowing retailers to focus solely on desired goods and services, fostering long-term relationships.


In B2C user experience: Product listings showcase high-quality images and detailed descriptions, enhancing unique product characteristics for a sensory experience. Detailed product sheets reinforce brand storytelling, while streamlined cart options simplify the purchasing process. The Store Locator enables users to easily find shops selling Caseificio Di Pasquo products, offering detailed store information and an interactive map for convenient access.


In B2B user experience: The invoices page centralizes all business documents for resellers, providing efficient organization for accounting tasks. Reminder alerts keep retailers informed about payment terms, while a personalized dashboard simplifies expense and order management. Integrated sales volume rewards incentivize retailers, with progress indicators displayed for easy tracking.


Custom graphics are vital for entertaining and strengthening your brand identity. Personalizing a brand's images and icons helps to stand out from the crowd, but also to increase brand awareness and strengthen the emotional bond, promoting long-term loyalty, having fun and generating emotions.




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